Thursday, December 29, 2011

Is Santa A Prospect For The Hells Angels?

 Wonder what this pawn shop did to end up on Santa's naughty list?  Maybe Santa's workshop's got a little more overhead than I'd originally thought, as these three St. Nick's pillaged a Siberian pawn shop of all their gold just after the holiday.

This gang of Santas were pros, coming in armed with shotguns and firing off four shots to subdue the employees.  They were in and out in 47 seconds.  I guess that's how they make it round the world to all the good boys and girls in one night. 

 What is the world coming to when even Santa is resorting to gangsterism in these tough times?  It is getting to be a holiday tradition in Novosibirsk, where another striking Santa got caught after taking 5.5 million rubles in a similar heist a year ago.  He is presently serving 4 years for that offense.

After waiting outside the shop passing on holiday cheer to passers by on the street these criminal Clauses showed no hesitation, waiting for the opportune time to rush the door and make their move.  Having cleaned out all the gold jewelry including 160 gold chains this might be a good year to ask for some bling as Santa seems to be stocking up!

Here's hoping these red and white wearing hoodlums won't end up replacing Rudolph with Harleys and going for their patches for the next holiday season!


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