Thursday, December 29, 2011

Is Santa A Prospect For The Hells Angels?

 Wonder what this pawn shop did to end up on Santa's naughty list?  Maybe Santa's workshop's got a little more overhead than I'd originally thought, as these three St. Nick's pillaged a Siberian pawn shop of all their gold just after the holiday.

This gang of Santas were pros, coming in armed with shotguns and firing off four shots to subdue the employees.  They were in and out in 47 seconds.  I guess that's how they make it round the world to all the good boys and girls in one night. 

 What is the world coming to when even Santa is resorting to gangsterism in these tough times?  It is getting to be a holiday tradition in Novosibirsk, where another striking Santa got caught after taking 5.5 million rubles in a similar heist a year ago.  He is presently serving 4 years for that offense.

After waiting outside the shop passing on holiday cheer to passers by on the street these criminal Clauses showed no hesitation, waiting for the opportune time to rush the door and make their move.  Having cleaned out all the gold jewelry including 160 gold chains this might be a good year to ask for some bling as Santa seems to be stocking up!

Here's hoping these red and white wearing hoodlums won't end up replacing Rudolph with Harleys and going for their patches for the next holiday season!


Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Hells Angel President Paul “Sasquatch” Porter Fears Prison?

Well it seems the illusive Sasquatch has been found.  Paul “Sasquatch” Porter will go on trial for cocaine trafficking in the new year. He was charged after a brief Ottawa Police investigation.

"One of the only things the Hells Angels boss fears is prison."

What really strikes me is the fact that one of the only thing he "fears is prison" as said by his associates. Not a whole lot of gangster left in there I see. What is he so scared of in prison?

Girlfriend as drug mule?

As the fictional Sasquatch seemed hell bent on avoiding any hard encounters with people, he seems to match this one by having his girlfriend "Debbie Brennan" mule a quarter kilo of coke in her purse. Class act Mr. Porter.

So let us get this straight, he gets his girlfriend to mule his work? He fears prison? How can anyone fear this guy when he's just a hair away from pissing his pants when he see his shadow.

Porter has always been insulated and far removed from the biker sweeps that sometimes do send some of the outlaws to prison. But a new bar has been set, letting the mule, in this case his girlfriend likely take the fall.

“It turned out to be the cops who stole it."

There was a the time someone “stole” his pick-up truck. His notorious biker gang sent the newspaper a press release about the theft, saying clearly whoever stole it must have noticed the Hells Angels biker vest inside. Isn't there a code for these guys about talking to the press? I guess he never received that memo. "If the ‘club’ decides to get their message out, they’d go through me. I’d rather they just bought an ad and spare me the high school lines that criminal enterprise is not a prerequisite for membership, and that riding Harleys keeps one young at heart." He is simply pathetic and transparent in every way.

"He makes an honest living fixing motorcycles for 50 bucks an hour."

Yes of course, now that makes sense. We obviously will buy into the fact that the President of the Hells Angels in Ottawa and an original defector from the Rock Machine fixes bikes for 50/hr. This was a statement he made that day. So tell us how many hours swinging the wrench does it take to buy 1/4 kilo? And let's not forget the cost of your faithful mule?


Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Inspiration Day

Well, where to begin this journey? I guess my first post should begin with the reason why I created this blog.  My name Name is Valorie, I can think for myself, and am quite content with the point I've come to on this path. I don't follow mainstream media, unless there is a reason that I should stay tuned to in the event that something isn't adding up that needs our attention.

I've been following Agent K's wonderful blog at "Gangsters Out" for years now and when I saw a post he made that he was ready to hang it up, my heart deeply sank. Now I don't know him personally but I do admire him greatly with his relentless tenacity to get behind what is perceived as real . He has decided to keep on with his fine blogging, which I applaud him for considering the numerous threats he receives towards his family and himself.

What I will do is devote my attention to all things corrupt in this world and try my best to expose them to masses of the open minded. What I have seen throughout my life is much more crazier than any Hollywood plot, and this I will share with you over time.

There will be times when I am wrong, as we are all born fallible. But what I hope to get across is that we, together can change our thought patterns and learn to become independent free thinkers together as we were born to be.

Gangsters, come in many shapes and forms. We could easily put all the blame on gangs, but there are many more forms that we must look at with a sharpened eye. The men in suits, such as our own government is just one quick example.

When lies are thrust upon us as truth and paraded with their masks made of deceit, must we not need to dig even deeper into ourselves and ask the hard questions? We need to become unified, not divided. We need to be free, not enslaved. We need to think, not memorize. So when the naysayers beset us from every side, and they will. We need everyone to filter their petty propaganda independently. And when they do this, they will show us their simple yet effective agendas at hiding the truth.