Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Inspiration Day

Well, where to begin this journey? I guess my first post should begin with the reason why I created this blog.  My name Name is Valorie, I can think for myself, and am quite content with the point I've come to on this path. I don't follow mainstream media, unless there is a reason that I should stay tuned to in the event that something isn't adding up that needs our attention.

I've been following Agent K's wonderful blog at "Gangsters Out" for years now and when I saw a post he made that he was ready to hang it up, my heart deeply sank. Now I don't know him personally but I do admire him greatly with his relentless tenacity to get behind what is perceived as real . He has decided to keep on with his fine blogging, which I applaud him for considering the numerous threats he receives towards his family and himself.

What I will do is devote my attention to all things corrupt in this world and try my best to expose them to masses of the open minded. What I have seen throughout my life is much more crazier than any Hollywood plot, and this I will share with you over time.

There will be times when I am wrong, as we are all born fallible. But what I hope to get across is that we, together can change our thought patterns and learn to become independent free thinkers together as we were born to be.

Gangsters, come in many shapes and forms. We could easily put all the blame on gangs, but there are many more forms that we must look at with a sharpened eye. The men in suits, such as our own government is just one quick example.

When lies are thrust upon us as truth and paraded with their masks made of deceit, must we not need to dig even deeper into ourselves and ask the hard questions? We need to become unified, not divided. We need to be free, not enslaved. We need to think, not memorize. So when the naysayers beset us from every side, and they will. We need everyone to filter their petty propaganda independently. And when they do this, they will show us their simple yet effective agendas at hiding the truth.



  1. Valorie, Welcome! I have two points off hand. First is I am in absolutely no way territorial about gang blogs. The more the better. The more people that talk about the gang problems and take issue with mainstream media, the more public awareness will be raised. I have always held the Michael Collins position in that if they shoot me, a dozen more will rise up to take my place. Second is, protect your identity. These people are bad. Very bad. They will try and befriend you and even give you tips claiming to be anti gang just to get you to drop your guard and give them personal information about you like your real facebook or a username you use on other forums. Be very careful who you give personal information to and use a public computer or hide your ip when sending e-mail to an unknown source. Oh and update your spyware. Other than that have fun. I look forward to reading your findings and opinions. Cheers.

  2. Hi, I'm a long time reader of Gangstersout who noticed your blog, so now it's bookmarked too. Best of Luck!

    A few things a good crime blogger must do: Stay very much up-to-date with all Gang news/major Gang crimes. There's nothing worse than a public who knows far more about current Gang events than the blogger they turn to. You say you don't bother to read media; but you must; how would you know anything about what's going on, if you don't? Kim Bolan is OK, "Friends Of Ours" blog is tops for the USA mafias, for Mexico, it's "Borderland Beat."

    Read books, on the HA, mafia, Rizzutos; as much as you can get your hands on, I'm reading "The Sixth Family" on Rizzutos now. Agent K sometimes suffers from a lack of reading, which is the only way to bring deep knowledge, and I do NOT mean Wikipedia. Real books on organized crime.

    Best of luck, its hard work keeping up!

  3. Just one more blog point, Valorie;

    Stick to gangs, on a *Gang* blog. Agent K hits us with anything that's on his mind, so we get many strange anti-American *conspiracy* posts,
    Israel posts, Canadian political posts, etc.; a huge load of what have you. It's tiresome to the old readers like trailrunner78, who's posted several times about it. We go to other, more informed sources for those things, of course.

    If you make yourself the most informed Gang blogger out there, you'll see your readership rocket, there's a huge desire to read on this subject! Also, link yourself to social media big time, twitter, facebook, etc..