Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Hells Angel President Paul “Sasquatch” Porter Fears Prison?

Well it seems the illusive Sasquatch has been found.  Paul “Sasquatch” Porter will go on trial for cocaine trafficking in the new year. He was charged after a brief Ottawa Police investigation.

"One of the only things the Hells Angels boss fears is prison."

What really strikes me is the fact that one of the only thing he "fears is prison" as said by his associates. Not a whole lot of gangster left in there I see. What is he so scared of in prison?

Girlfriend as drug mule?

As the fictional Sasquatch seemed hell bent on avoiding any hard encounters with people, he seems to match this one by having his girlfriend "Debbie Brennan" mule a quarter kilo of coke in her purse. Class act Mr. Porter.

So let us get this straight, he gets his girlfriend to mule his work? He fears prison? How can anyone fear this guy when he's just a hair away from pissing his pants when he see his shadow.

Porter has always been insulated and far removed from the biker sweeps that sometimes do send some of the outlaws to prison. But a new bar has been set, letting the mule, in this case his girlfriend likely take the fall.

“It turned out to be the cops who stole it."

There was a the time someone “stole” his pick-up truck. His notorious biker gang sent the newspaper a press release about the theft, saying clearly whoever stole it must have noticed the Hells Angels biker vest inside. Isn't there a code for these guys about talking to the press? I guess he never received that memo. "If the ‘club’ decides to get their message out, they’d go through me. I’d rather they just bought an ad and spare me the high school lines that criminal enterprise is not a prerequisite for membership, and that riding Harleys keeps one young at heart." He is simply pathetic and transparent in every way.

"He makes an honest living fixing motorcycles for 50 bucks an hour."

Yes of course, now that makes sense. We obviously will buy into the fact that the President of the Hells Angels in Ottawa and an original defector from the Rock Machine fixes bikes for 50/hr. This was a statement he made that day. So tell us how many hours swinging the wrench does it take to buy 1/4 kilo? And let's not forget the cost of your faithful mule?


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