Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Winnipeg Hells Angels Ex-President Sues Government

Well it seems Hells Angels Ex-President Ernie Dew is upset he can't keep his proceeds of crime. The sliver lining is that Ernie Dew, the former head of the Hells Angels in Winnipeg, doesn’t have to worry about a roof over his head.

It's Stoney Mountain for Dew

Having been convicted of three counts of trafficking a controlled substance (cocaine) Ernie won’t need to look for a new home for the duration of his 13 years sentence.  His former dwelling, located at 189 Cessna Way was seized and sold as proceeds of crime.  He is appealing the convictions due to entrapment, that ruling is expected later this month. 

Ernie Dew hunts while wife flips kilogram of coke out of their home

The lawsuit Dew has just filed names the provincial and federal governments, suing them for “conversion, trespass to chattels, unjust enrichment, misfeasance of public office, negligence,” among other things.  Even though he has been convicted of trafficking he claims the house was seized as part of a charge he beat due to the fact that he was out of town hunting while his wife sold a kilogram of cocaine to Hells Angel associate Jerome Labossiere.  Like the previous post about the elusive Sasquatch it seems a standard HA tactic to get the women to do their work for them.


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